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Simple days.. happy days | Being a mom and a photographer | Columbus OH

Today I am lucky. I have two kids with myself. And I have time to write a blog post. It is unbelievable. My 4 months old is happily having his second nap, not demanding much. He doesn’t wake up every 10 minutes and doesn’t want to nurse for the whole hour before he falls asleep. My 4 year old.. She has stayed at home today in hope to get a little better. Coughing and sore throat have been with us for this past weekend, and we are taking our time in recovering.

So I’m just so surprised, how peaceful it is in my house today. We’ve colored a few pages, we’ve made pancakes, we’ve sung songs and “helped” mommy work at the computer. But by some miracle I have done today a lot more, than I was able to do for the whole week. I’m proud of myself and very thankful for such a wonderful day. I only wish we felt better and could enjoy the wonderful sunny summery weather outside!



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