» Capture the special moments of your family, maternity, and children growing up with baby and newborn photograpy studio, Camomint.

It’s about the feeling.
Of ease. And love. And letting go.
It’s for parents, who are tired of being parents
and are afraid of how tired they are.

When you were expecting your baby, you were told, parenting is hard. You knew it would be hard.
But you also knew, that you love your child, and that love will help you deal with whatever comes your way.
What you didn’t know, is that it is a different kind of hard. Climbing a mountain is hard. Finding a job is hard. But parenting is not like that.

It is about dividing yourself in two. One for yourself. And one for your child. It is about learning to serve, but being able to keep your own self. It’s about learning to put yourself first. It’s about knowing, what makes you feel better. It’s about the level of love you can’t even bear. And it’s about the same level of anger. It’s about learning, finding a way and letting go. It’s about being unable to keep up, never having enough patience to be that perfect mother for your child, that you had dreamt of. Yeah, I know. But we all want that, right?

Thankfully, none of us is perfect. And I want you to treasure that. I want you to fall in love with your life, the way it is. No if’s, no but’s. Here and now.

I will come in the morning, half an hour before the kids wake up.

And I will stay for half a day, or even a little longer. I will be there for all of your little moments. Everything, that flies by so quickly and you just want to hold on to so bad.

I will be for not so good moments too. Tantrums, crying, making up. Whatever the day brings.
I will be there as a person, not as a photographer. I will hug you, when it gets hard and I will laugh with you, when the joyful moments comes.

Who is this photo session for?
For you. To see, that there is beauty in your days. That a mess is fine. That you ARE the perfect mother. And that hard times are ok. And that you can do it.

I like it. Now what?
Let’s talk. I want to know more about you. (a short about form to send to me)

And how much?
Prices start at $495. Details.

And after we talk?
We will meet. You don’t want a stranger hang out with you for the whole day. And I don’t want the kids to freak out, when they see me and a camera, when they wake up. So you will meet me, and I will show you and the kids my equipment, and we’ll talk over the process. Questions are encouraged.

EXAMPLE of One Day photo session

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