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Following joy

So many little things make us feel sad. And we are used to getting caught up in this sadness. We readily give up to it

For the love of kids

What do you do for the love of kids? Do you sacrifice your time? Do you forget to brush your teeth in the morning,

What makes a good photo?

While editing some images from my recent trip, I am wondering, what makes a good photo. How is it that sometimes we get

Thinking about the big things – missing out on life | Every Day Photographer

How often I THINK, like really think about my life, my spouse, my choices, my behavior with children, I have no idea

Details of one day | Family photographer Columbus Ohio | Family Documentary

Being at a friend’s house is one of the best treats I could think of. My kids are playing with other kids. It

I am scared | Don’t let the worries eat you alive | Finding way

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by this “I am scared” feeling, that I can hardly breathe. I probably had it,

Going personal | Columbus OH photographer

I am so much more, than a photographer. And there is so much going on in my life right now, that I want to have an

What this Summer brought | Inspired photographer in Columbus, OH

Summer is over, and I’m trying to adjust my lifestyle to fit not only caring for my sweet little baby, but doing

Hooray for trying! | Learning to shoot film | Photographer, Columbus OH

How many tries does it take for a baby to start talking? Walking? Hopping? Running? Drawing a circle? Learning numbers?

Happy moments | Columbus OH photographer | Family documentaries

I have a sticky note on my computer with a sentence handwritten by me while trying to figure out the idea behind my

Chaos of the everyday life | Don’t miss on yourself | It’s not easy to be a mom

This is personal. I didn’t know where to post it, yet it is very important for me to write it down. I have been

Columbus OH nature photographer

Nice reason to get outside | Columbus OH winter hikes | Nature photography

One of my favorite activities in Columbus, Ohio in winter in going on winter hikes. Such a wonderful reason to get out