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Canoe river trip adventure for the whole family | Photo Session Ideas for Couples

We finally got to Trapper John’s Canoe Livery for a nice river trip. As it is the end of the season, they had

Children's photography New Albany OH

Purple Dog Art Studio, kids’ space | Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

Curiosity led me to this studio. Why Purple Dog? So as a part of Columbus Faces Project I’m happy to present

It’s been a wonderful summer, after all! | Columbus child photography

Summer! So instead of writing “I can’t believe, the summer is over!” I decided to go for the good

Details matter | Columbus Ohio family photographer | photo session rules

Oh, that group photo! When it comes to family photography the first thing, that most of us expect to see is a group

Photo albums, family photography Columbus OH

Simple, but very beautiful. Camomint Photography photo albums, Columbus, OH

I continue to tell you about Camomint Photography photo albums. This is a very simple, yet stylish photo album. It

Maternity photography Columbus OH

Black and white maternity photos | Maternity photography Columbus OH

“Mama’s Eyes” project is in full swing. But I still can have a few more expecting mommies for

Being pregnant is such a precious time, maternity photographer Columbus OH

Expecting woman is so unique | Maternity and Newborn Photography Columbus Ohio

Each woman, taking part in The Mama’s Eyes Project is so unique and different. I love to meet you, I love to get

Embrace the grain workshop | Film photography, Columbus OH

Film photography captured me entirely. I start my day from looking at the film images of others and get enormous amount

Family photo albums by Camomint Photography

How it all began… Baby photo album for you to remember | Columbus family photography

Colorful is the right name for this kind of album, I offer to my Columbus family photography clients. This particular

Newborn Photographer Columbus OH

Beautiful family and the first one to go | Newborn photographer Columbus OH

I am overwhelmed by the response I get from expecting mommies, who are wishing to take part in the Mama’s Eyes

Camomint Photography presents photo albums | Perfect Photo Album Columbus OH

124 hours of internet surfing, 16 cups of coffee, 68 days of thinking, 17 days of designing, 2 hours of emailing, 5

Printed photos by Camomint Photography - baby photography Columbus OH

Printing photos is fun. Try it! | Baby photography Columbus OH

Being a photographer myself, I had hardly printed any photos. I have tons of them on my hard drive. But do I ever print