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The miracle of life | Mama’s Eyes Project | Newborn Photographer Columbus OH

I am supposed to write something here, but really sometimes photos speak better, than words. The difference between

Chaos of the everyday life | Don’t miss on yourself | It’s not easy to be a mom

This is personal. I didn’t know where to post it, yet it is very important for me to write it down. I have been

Sweet girl for a sweet Valentine | Kids photographer Columbus OH | Film blog circle

Just one more image to share from a recent roll of film. Since it is a blog circle time for film loving mamas today! I

Film photography Columbus OH, children's photographer

Film photography is a journey I chose to have | Child photographer Columbus Ohio

My way of mastering film photography is pretty tangled and not straight forward. I remember, how my brother used to

Columbus OH nature photographer

Nice reason to get outside | Columbus OH winter hikes | Nature photography

One of my favorite activities in Columbus, Ohio in winter in going on winter hikes. Such a wonderful reason to get out

Why photography? | Columbus family photographers | Storytelling photography

Looking back at why I have started doing photography. Not because I want to show a person as pretty as it is possible.

Film photography Columbus OH

Film circle of friends | My first contribution | Film photography Columbus OH

This month I am trying something new and exciting. Being part of film photographers’ circle is so inspiring, that


One more sweet newborn on the blog | Newborn photos Columbus OH

This is the last “Mama’s Eyes” participant for this year. The maternity photo session was rather

how the moment becomes a lifetime | portrait photographer Columbus OH

How the moment becomes a lifetime | Family photographer Columbus OH

I remember, how I have taken this photo. I remember, that this was just a moment, that would have just went by, like a

newborn photographer columbus oh

Comparing before the birth and after | Newborn photos at home, Columbus OH

Mama’s Eyes newborn photos at home project let me get to know different women, in different life situations, with

Thankful | Thanksgiving tradition is one of my favorites | November 2014

What not to love about Thanksgiving? Families getting together, sharing a meal and having wonderful time. This holiday

Black Friday Deal | 50% off a family photo session in Columbus OH

Black Friday Deal: 50% off a family or newborn photo session. Three sessions available. Time to book: Friday from 10 am