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Approach & Details

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My Process

Taking pictures of a newborn baby is a joy, and I consider this one of the perks of working. The precious spirit that a newborn possesses is something that puts a smile on everyone’s face, and pictures of your little one during this cute stage are mementos that you will consider treasures later in life. The first years of life see a lot of change for your little one, and you will love looking at pictures of your kids when they were first born.

We understand that newborns are unpredictable, and we are very flexible throughout the entire photography process. We believe that it is best to capture babies in their natural state, and we are willing to work with a child that is a bit fussy or even crying. Newborns express a wide-range of emotions, and why you may not believe it now, down the road in a few years you may even laugh a little bit when you see your now grown toddler letting out their first of many screams.

I’m a fan of candid lifestyle photography. If I get to photograph true emotions, sparkles in the father’s eyes, kids’ surprises and discoveries, mom smiling in delight, that makes my day.

Natural light

I prefer natural light – either outside or through the windows. It allows me to get natural looking shots and not distract you with a flash or a lot of equipment.

Sincere emotions

I don’t like posing. But I love to capture timid looks and gestures between you and the kids. Ideally a photo session should be a day (a half day) out of your life, with all the ups and downs, with all the laughs, excitements and discoveries. I’d just follow you on your day.


How long is a family photo session?

I’m not a very traditional one hour photographer. We need time to get comfortable with each other and with the camera. In order to have not posing but a piece of your life on the pictures, you need to feel ok about me and the camera, and it takes time. I usually don’t charge on a timely basis but rather a flat rate for a photo session. So nobody is in a hurry and looking at the clock. A photo session may last 2-4 hours depending on the family’s mood and scheduled activities.

What’s the best location for a photo shoot?

Sometimes it’s a good idea to start at your home. It will give us time to get comfortable around each other, you could do some family activity that engages all the family members and best describes you or which is your favorite. And then we can go for a walk – in the neighborhood or drive to the park. If it’s nice out we can meet at the park, make some shots there and then go to some cafe, for example, where you would grab a cup of hot cocoa/coffee and I’ll just capture all the emotions.
I am pretty flexible on location choice and am open to any ideas. Where would you go with the family to have fun on your day off? I’d just follow you with my camera.

How is it being with a photographer for such a long time?

It’s actually fun. I like my photo sessions to be interesting for both me and the family. I like to chat with my clients. It’s good for the atmosphere and it’s also good for me to get to know a person I’m taking pictures of. It helps me to show their character on the photos.

To learn more about the Camomint Photography approach, you can reach out at any time to get in touch. I love sharing my excitement about newborn photography with new fathers and mothers, and I offer my customers outstanding prices on newborn photography.

If you have questions, please ask. I’ll be more than happy to talk through everything.

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