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Maria Khoroshilova Photographer

“There are things that I collect as treasures during the photo shoot: little bits of love in your eyes, unique smiles and those looks that don’t last but remind us of very true moments we had with our loved ones.”

Maria Khoroshilova, Children’s & Family Photographer @ Columbus, OH

Simple. Creative. Appreciating. Loving. Caring. Laughing. Smiling. Enjoying. Singing. Dancing. Humming. I like all things natural: emotions, parenting, beauty. I love walking in the woods, listening to birds singing and the trees whispering. I believe, we can re-energize if we listen to nature. I believe, that we are very wise as we are. There are a lot of things, we already know, but don’t understand this and don’t let ourselves feel.
I am always happy to discuss and show you the beauty of our everyday lives. The beauty of love, of simple things, that we tend not to even see. I would be really happy, if my photos could bring a little peace in your home. I would really like it, if you could feel love, when you look at the photos. So you could understand, what really matters in life and feel fulfilled.
If my photos evoke emotions, if people cry, and laugh, and smile while looking at their photos, it means to me a whole world. It means, that I did capture love. And no more reward can make me go on photographing and loving what I do.

 A few facts about me

  • I treat my clients as friends. I always try to give them not only photos, but something else as a little thank you present for letting me capture their special moments.
  • I practice yoga. It helps me stay in balance.
  • I’m constantly learning to draw.
  • I buy things because they are nicely packed. And then enjoy looking and the package on my shelf appreciating the designer’s talent.
  • I’m obsessed with choosing a perfect mug for a perfect morning. Always look at the mugs and tend to buy a new, better, one. Even went to a pottery class to make my own :)
  • “Simple” and “Sincere” – two words that describe my way.
  • “Calm”, “Kind” and “Loving” – three words that friends often use to describe me.

About Camomint Photography

When I created Camomint Photography, I wanted to bring individuality to every shot. I strive to radiate a moment that’s filled with story. When you look at that picture, whether it’s of a newborn, a group of siblings or a family portrait, it will be creative, illuminating and will always spark a nostalgic feel. It will be soulful, emotive, loving, whimsical, and anything else you need your memories to be.

For me, the challenge is capturing the story of your life. Graduations, special occasions, sports, maternity, family, and, of course, all those adorable babies and children. From being at your home to getting outdoors and taking advantage of the beauty around us, Camomint Photography will wow you.

Even though we’ll thoroughly discuss what the vision for your images, my ultimate goal will be to keep things spontaneous and creative. I want to capture a variety of emotions and adventure in a single photograph. And, all modesty aside, Camomint Photography has a lot of happy clients that would say we’re good at doing what we do.


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*Photo credit: Jane Surina Photography