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The Why behind One Day documentary photo sessions

By the time I got pregnant with our second child I had been doing portrait photography business for a year. It was then that I realized, that within a year nothing had changed. I didn’t have much exposure, I had almost zero clients and all I kept thinking of was “It will get better, it will get better”. Until I realized, that it’s not going anywhere…

I was sad, lost, and I stopped. I stopped promoting or thinking that this one client will surely bring me 10 of his friends. It just didn’t work. I focused on my pregnancy, on rebuilding my life and reconsidering my values.
At that time I was offering the same photography services, everyone else did: family photos, seniors, engagement, events.

But what I wanted to do was documentary photography. Family documentaries, about life the way it is. About all the ups and downs a family has during a day. They happen all the time and they are ok. I so wanted my photography to mean something beyond just pretty pictures.
I gave birth to our beautiful baby. I was pulling my life together little by little. I started making new (amazing) friends. I started learning about God. And I kept thinking of photography. It is my life juice. I literally start dying if I don’t have photography in my life.

I struggled with postpartum depression. It’s a thing we don’t really like to talk about. And it never feels right to mention it. You have just had a baby – Yay! Hooray! What in the world may be wrong? But there is a ton of these things. Not being able to find time for yourself. Being exhausted from the lack of sleep and not even realizing it. Feeling drained of energy almost all the time. And if you have some kind of side stress on top of that… It is hard.
With all the emotional transformation I wanted to offer more than photography. An experience. A glance into your every day life, that would say “You are enough”, “Your life is beautiful as it is”, “Just relax”.
Three years later I am finally there. Ready to let you feel the love.

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