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Following joy

So many little things make us feel sad. And we are used to getting caught up in this sadness. We readily give up to it and let it lead us through the day.

I went grocery shopping hoping to buy some fresh vegetables, so I’d eat them instead of eating sweets. It was such a wonderful idea. I walked out of the store, having bought too much, spent too much, realizing that now I will have to cook for the rest of the day instead of having me time. I was feeling like a failure. Yep, that simple. Just grocery shopping. Nothing grand. But it made me sad and even sadder.

So. I acknowledged the moment. And I thought, ok, but what is good? I bought some food, it’s good. The food is high quality and it will last for a week. I can put off the cooking a little… I still felt sad and not happy about my day. I don’t really like grocery shopping or putting the stuff away at home. It needs to be done. I feel satisfaction, when it’s done. But I don’t like doing it. It doesn’t inspire a single cell in my body.
So I remembered about the feeling of joy. What will bring me joy now, at this moment or the next few hours? How can I spend my time to feel happy and energized?

I also thought, that I don’t have to mentally accuse myself all the time. I don’t have to do it. I can actually do the opposite, if I remember to stop thinking the way I used to.

So that day I ended up doing something really nice. I booked a vacation for me and my husband to give him for his birthday. I loved it. It inspired me and made me happy! I have actually done something today!



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