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What makes a good photo?

While editing some images from my recent trip, I am wondering, what makes a good photo. How is it that sometimes we get good photos and other times there are almost none?
Number one is the mood. Uplifted, happy, not distracted by lots of thoughts and doubts. Just being happy and confident is the perfect recipe for a good photo.
Then of course there goes light, the model, camera/lens and all. But the mood is the key.
So many times I find myself distracted by the work of others. Facebook paints the picture of perfectness of everybody’s life. Pretty pictures, something is always going on and people having fun. So rarely people post of hardships and just regular everyday doubts. I am included. Because, honestly, I try to be positive. We wave our bad moods away and post a pretty picture. I wish I could be more real on social media. More open to conversation. Beyond a pretty picture.
And a good photo? The mood is the key. Confidence is the key. Because if you have confidence, you will get up and move a couple inches to the right to get your perfect light. And if you are in a good mood, you will be happy to receive and actually see the picture, that is worth capturing. So many times I just see and I just know, that something is worth capturing. Without even thinking. That is the perfect picture recipe.
Okay, and now from my inner reflections.. To be in that positive mood… Be connected to your inner source, be receptive and open. Breathe in, breathe out. Enjoy. Love. Feel.

…While editing this photo of my daughter. We had some times and decided to drive into my favorite cafe in town. Some random photos from that mommy and daughter date.



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