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Being a mom is hard

Remember Shrek Forever After?
Shrek gets tired of being a husband and a dad. All he wants is
to become that old ogre, who he used to be. With no responsibilities,
no kids running around screaming, no mess.
Just good ol’ ogre in his good ol’ ogre house in the middle of the deep dark woods.

Don’t you wish sometimes the same?
Wouldn’t your life be so much easier without kids? Your house would be tidy.
You would have to care only for yourself. No worries, no sleepless nights,
no cleaning, no tantrums. It sounds amazing!

Since it’s not the way “good mothers” think and since Shrek’s wish didn’t end that well.
Since you do love your kids and is happy to give, but just need a little more encouraging…


Fall in love with your life all over again.

It is not going to become less hard. But you will learn to value that “hard” and to see the beauty in it.

Documentary in-home photo session of your day, the way it is.

Toys in the kitchen.
Crumbs on the floor.
Spilled milk.
You taking a minute to rest
before the kid wakes up.
All is real.
All is true.

And it is beautiful.
Unique. Worth living for. Worth valuing.



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